FileWay is a cost-effective, secure, remote file access solution with different licensing models to suit any budget

FileWay Licensing Options

Named User Accounts:

With named user licensing, FileWay accounts are associated with a set number of specific users, and access is given to these users based on their Active Directory account. With this option, you must have a user license available for each account created, and these users will have access to the system regardless of how many others are connected.

Concurrent User Connections:

With concurrent user licensing, the administrator can provide FileWay access to as many users as they like, but depending on the organization’s license size, only a set number of those users will be able to connect at any given time. Concurrent user licensing is ideal for large environments with limited budgets and/or requirements for remote file access capabilities. If either of these conditions changes in the future, customers can easily upgrade their license size.

Special Pricing for Small Educational Institutions:

“FileWay-Small Educational Bundle” is a special pricing program for small educational institutions. It uses the full version of FileWay, with the same features and installer, but is sold at a flat rate based on bundles of 250 named users.

Special Discounts:

We offer special discounts to educations, governments and for not for profit organizations.

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