AttachLink Web Based Remote AccessSecure Document Sharing
with AttachLink

AttachLink is one of FileWay’s most powerful features, allowing users to exchange documents with others with secure time expiry links. Your authorized users can use AttachLink to send documents, receive documents or share document for collaboration.

The network administrator has full control over who can use this feature, when the link will expire, as well as many other security features. There is no risk of unauthorized access since your documents remain where they are currently stored, rather than being transported to another unsecured location or 3rd party remote cloud service.

Why Use AttachLink?

  • Exchange documents using time expiry links;
  • Send and receive very large files that traditionally could not be sent via e-mail;
  • Prevent e-mail with sensitive attachments from being forwarded to the wrong recipients;
  • Receive only the file types you approve;
  • Secure method to exchange documents without transporting them to an unsecured location or cloud service.

Who Needs AttachLink?

AttachLink is perfectly suited for government organizations needing to exchange files, law firms dealing with time sensitive or confidential information, real estate agents e-mailing offers to be signed, graphic designers delivering very large files to their clients, or teachers sending deadline-sensitive assignments to their students.

 For more information on AttachWay, view our short video presentation:

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