FileWay is great value for our money

Al Jaber & Partners is a construction and energy projects company located in Qatar with over 5000 full-time staff; we are part of a multinational group based in UAE called “Al Jaber Group”.  We are participating in the construction of the 2022 FIFA World Cup facilities.

AJP has its own data center located at AJP’s head office and a disaster recovery (DR) center at a remote site; both are managed by AJP’s IT department.  AJP’s core network is located at its data center with IP-VPN links to 5 different sites. The data center has physical, virtual and cloud workloads. Most of the critical workloads are in SAN storage and replication to the DR site using EMC RecoverPoint.  The network topology consists of VLANs, IP Subnets, VPNs, VoIP system etc. It is protected by internal and external firewalls with multiple customized policies, IPS, IDS and routes.

We needed a secure, easy-to-use and efficient way to securely exchange documents with our shareholders and our clients that would easily integrate with our complex network.  After testing multiple applications, we selected FileWay from Everywhere Networks.  FileWay is easy to use, very secure and is of great value for our money.  Everywhere’s technical team is very professional and helpful.  Setting up and deploying the software was done quickly and efficiently.

We use the AttachLink feature to send tendering documents and highly sensitive information to partners and clients, and to receive replies.  AttachLink provide secure links to documents by generating a temporary login ID that is sent in a separate email.  We can set the links to expire at the appropriate times.  We can also set the document types that can be returned to us.  With AttachLink, the documents (including the ones returned to us) remain on our server and under our control.

“FileWay is the way to go for all our file sharing needs.

Mohamad Hakim, Information Technology Manager for AJP”