FileWay permits us to bridge our substantial on-premises storage to third parties, in a fully auditable and managed manner

The City of Greater Sudbury is centrally located in Northeastern Ontario approximately 500 km west of the Canadian Capital. More than 161,000 residents call the city home (2016 Census). The municipality employs approximately 3,000 people who provide resident services with a focus on growth and economic development, sustainable infrastructure, quality of life and place, and open governance.

Because we maintain tight control on our outbound firewall and web-proxy traffic, our options for secure ad-hoc file transfers are limited.

When the City migrated from the Novell eDirectory file system to Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD), our users lost remote/mobile access to their shared files and folders which had been provided by the native NetStorage.  After searching for a secure remote/mobile access solution that worked with AD and met all our requirements, we selected FileWay because it is perfect for us.  With our implementation of FileWay, we were able to, once again, provide our users with secure remote access to our internal shares, from anywhere and using any device.

In addition to providing our users with secure remote access to shares, FileWay, with the AttachLink feature, permits us to bridge our substantial on-premises storage to third parties, in a fully auditable, managed and secure manner.

Our experience with Everywhere’s technical team has been excellent.  The response time to any questions or issues that we’ve encountered has been within an acceptable time (usually within an hour).  Resolutions from the technical team have been great, including everything from emailing us simple step-by-step instructions, to setting up a remote session to fix configuration issues on our server.

“FileWay has been a very cost effective and reliable enterprise solution for the City of Sudbury. No other solution we explored provided the options that FileWay does for the affordable price point. For these reasons, selecting the FileWay system was an easy decision and a great fit for our infrastructure.

Ryan Wicklander, Senior Support Technician for City of Greater Sudbury”