Everywhere Networks’ support has been and continues to be excellent


International School of Lausanne (ISL) serves the expat community in and around Lausanne, Switzerland. The school has about 600 students (K to Grade 12) and a staff of 100. ISL is non profit and run by a school board committee (volunteers) made up of parents, community members and people from the school’s partner companies.

ISL is a “Windows” school, running a windows network using mostly Dell equipment with about 30 Macs in the Art rooms. ISL has about 10 servers offering different services such as printing, file sharing, databases etc. Teachers have laptops but store files on the server. Students and administrative staff also store their personal and work related files on the server with scheduled backups nightly. Filesharing goes on between teachers, admin, management and students.

Network Needs

With more teachers getting laptops, and more students with access to classroom computers and personal laptops, the demand for digital work has increased dramatically in the last year.

Teachers requested a way to access files from their home systems and students wanted a simpler way than email or portable USB sticks to transport their files. There were constant problems with emails corrupting files or USB sticks breaking, being lost or just having the wrong version. At the same time, the school’s management requested a disaster plan in case the school had to be closed (such as in the recent H1N1 virus scare). We needed a solution that would allow ALL of our users to continue to work from their homes.

Deciding Factors

Cost and Simplicity. ISL discovered that FileWay by Everywhere Networks offered the most cost effective and simple way to provide easy on and off-campus access to network resources by all users without resorting to the cost and complexity of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). They could find no other affordable solution that offered the functionality and simplicity of use of FileWay.


ISL was up and running within a week, Everywhere Networks helped with the install and resolved a few minor problems in short order. The school started in beta mode with a few key users, but quickly realized that everything worked as promised and was stable. They then opened FileWay up to the entire school community.

Daniel Auger, Technology Coordinator at International School of Lausanne says “Outside of the few normal installation issues, we have not had any problems. We were able to customize the interface very easily to quickly add our groups and shared resources.”

“FileWay does exactly what we wanted. Everywhere Networks’ support has also been and continues to be excellent, even with the time difference, quick replies and issues are efficiently resolved. We were up and running within a week”.

“The Everywhere Networks’ sales team were also very flexible with the evaluation licences so we were able to get setup earlier than our budget would have normally allowed. FileWay is a product that works as advertised and is as simple to use for all our users as we had hoped.