FileWay make teleworking practical

Denmark pioneered many of today’s biodynamic and organic farming practices and ranks near the top in the cultivation and marketing of organic products. Organic Denmark is a private, government-sponsored organization representing farmers, companies and consumers in the promotion of Danish organic products both domestically and abroad.

The organization has approximately 35 employees at their headquarters in Aarhus, most with offices in-house; however many also work in the field or at home. Prior to the deployment of Fileway™, employees working off-site transported necessary files on flash drives. If something was overlooked, a 60-minute or more round-trip drive had to be undertaken to get the missing file.

In order to make teleworking practical for Organic Denmark employees, a method of accessing files residing on internal servers was needed. Fileway was a natural choice since they were already running Microsoft Exchange and OWA. Fileway resides on the same machine as the main server, and Active Directory is used for authentication.


Morten Telling, Systems engineer, Organic Denmark:

“Installation of FileWay was performed remotely through our Terminal Server and took our IT Consultants less than 3 hours. After that, I spent about 1 hour adding and configuring all users for Fileway access. All in all, deployment took only 4 hours, and we got nice help from you guys at FileWay.”

Today, everybody has direct, remote access to their local files and directories. As well, directories can be set up across a number of servers allowing for the creation of meaningful project directories. Organic Denmark has approximately 25 potential remote Fileway users at any one time, with 10 simultaneous users being typical.

Telling continues:

“We are very happy with Fileway. It is easy to use and administer, it is affordable, and above all it allows remote clients access to their files and documents without having to connect through a VPN. We have been looking for such an application for quite a while now and I believe Fileway is the best solution available at the moment for OWA users.”