Remote File Access and Remote File SharingRemote File Access
and Sharing with FileWay Drive

FileWay Drive is a feature found in FileWay that makes remote file access even easier. It allows users to access their files and folders using the WebDAV protocol. However, unlike other WebDAV servers, only one single FileWay installation is required to allow access to all of the shared networks; think of FileWay Drive as a WebDAV gateway to as many network drives as an administrator wishes to grant you access. Users can upload and download multiple files and folders, and edit files online without first having to download them.

We’ve all made edits to a file, only to find out that our co-worker was simultaneously making changes, resulting in a conflicted copy. FileWay Drive avoids this common problem, and marks files that are being edited by another user as “locked”, preventing others from simultaneously opening and changing them. When accessing files through the browser, users will see a special icon indicating that the file is locked, and when hovering their mouse over the locked file will see the name of the user who is editing it. Once the file is saved and unlocked, other users will have access to the most recent version of the file.

FileWay Drive gives users the choice when it comes to remote file access. Network administrators can offer access to FileWay through a web browser, through WebDAV, or both. They also have the option of restricting remote file sharing access to any server for any specific user or group. Mobile users can continue to use the FileWay app, or they can access their files and folders directly from apps that support the protocol, including Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, or another third party WebDAV client.

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