Offer your customers secure hosted file storage IconCloud Maker for Service Providers

Now you can offer your customers secure hosted file storage. If you are an application service provider, a hosted service provider, a hosted Exchange provider or an IT support provider and you want to offer your customers Cloud Services, then FileWay is, in short, the perfect product you need. Offer customers a secure Cloud for ASP.
Above all, FileWay’s powerful management tool allows you to customize functionality on a user basis.

You can offer your customers different packages not only based on storage size, but also with different functionality. Functions such as AttachLink and FileWay Drive (WebDAV interface) can be offered to customers based on the type of package they subscribe to.

FileWay integrates with OWA to provide remote file access, hence, your customers can access their emails and storage through a single point of access and with single sign-on.

Why Cloud Storage with FileWay? In brief:

  • Affordable and scalable solution;
  • Different access methods to suit every need;
  • It integrates with desktop computers;
  • Access from mobile devices;
  • Can customize functionality and access for each users;
  • It integrates with OWA.
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