NetStorage Capabilities for WindowsFileWay Offers NetStorage Capabilities for Windows

If your organization is migrating from Novell to Windows, don’t leave NetStorage and NetFolder capabilities behind! FileWay can offer you secure, browser-based file access for as little or as many users as you need. All of the services supported by NetStorage that you came to know will be available to you with our secure web-based software.

Available from any browser-enabled device, FileWay provides users with access to the documents they need to work efficiently, no matter their location. Administrators can customize access and functionality on a user-by-user or group-by-group basis, giving some users full access to resources, while limiting access for others.

FileWay integrates with Active Directory (AD), making set up for even the largest organizations easy. FileWay Manager connects to AD and when changes are made, FileWay is dynamically updated. The functional similarity of FileWay to Novell NetStorage means that there will be no learning curve for the end users, and no specialist skills required to deploy our robust and reliable software on your Windows environment.

The outstanding support offered by Everywhere Networks will ensure that your transition from Novell is as smooth as possible.

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