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FileWay is sharing and remote access solutions for Education, Government, Enterprise, Legal, Multimedia, and Real Estate sectors, from any device, anywhere.

FileWay Education Solutions

Education Solutions

FileWay enables your faculty and students to securely and remotely access their files from anywhere, any time. As a result, resources are available on and off-campus, from any web browser-enabled device.

With the help of FileWay Sharing Remote Access Solutions, you can personalize access for staff and students, giving staff full access to resources, while limiting the access that students have; likewise, you can even give parents read-only access to forms and other general materials.

FileWay is currently being used by many learning institutions around the world, from smaller grammar schools and secondary high schools to very large school boards, in addition to colleges and universities.

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Government Solutions

Governments and municipalities around the world are using FileWay to improve productivity.

FileWay easily and quickly deploys to any number of users to provide secure web access to their documents without the need for an expensive VPN approach. Users can access their documents from anywhere including mobile devices.

Your administrator determines:

  • who has access to which resources, and
  • what users are allowed to do with that access.

To sum up, our software eliminates the many security concerns associated with cloud services. Allowed users can send, receive and share documents with others through secure time-expiry links. At no point do the documents leave the security of your corporate network.

FileWay Government Solutions
FileWay Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Corporate enterprises and non-profit organizations alike are using FileWay, globally. Entire workforces can gain a cost-effective, secure access to internal network resources without VPN, with our proven software.

FileWay is, simple to implement, and easy to integrate with your existing enterprise systems.

Ensure that your team stays connected. Empower your employees with remote access to corporate files from anywhere, with any device.


The legal system is based on accurate and timely document delivery, all while protecting client data. Whether your law firm has ten attorneys or 500, secure data access is important, and so is convenience. FileWay offers both in a product that integrates seamlessly with your network. Whether you’re in the office, or on your way to a deposition, access your files effortlessly on the go.

FileWay with AttachLink offers a secure document exchange system. To put it another way, you will never compromised important confidential information. You can e-mail documents as secure time expiry links with permissions for recipients to view or download the documents and to send documents back, naturally eliminating the risk of unauthorized access.

FileWay Legal Systems

FileWay Multimedia Solutions

Multimedia Solutions

In multimedia, you’re often working with large files (for example photos and videos). FileWay’s easy access to secure folders allows you to quickly review projects with clients from anywhere, and most importantly, from any device.

Avoid bogging down recipients with large attachments, especially if they’re using a mobile device. FileWay with AttachLink also allows you to send and receive large files that traditionally could not be sent via e-mail.


Real Estate Solutions

Whether you’re in the office, showing a property, or meeting with potential buyers, FileWay makes it easy to securely access files and information.

Keep your deals moving by sending offers and applications in a timely manner, and meet your clients wherever is most convenient for them; since with FileWay, location doesn’t matter!

Once a deal has been signed, you can easily and simultaneously share pertinent documents with co-workers, property managers, and brokers. With the help of FileWay with AttachLink you finally can.

FileWay Real Estate Solutions